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Forensics Cleaning

Forensics Cleaning Port Macquarie

Biohazard and crime scene cleaning in the Greater Port Macquarie area. This is in instances of crime and trauma.

We’re engaged by detectives to clean up after the crime scene has been cleared for any homicide, suicide, biohazard contamination or trauma scene.

Our technicians evaluate the task, assess what is required, then put together a scope and quote for removing the solids for a full biohazard remediation.

This is an intensive and specialised process in which we contain certain areas, removal of odours, blood, stains, fingerprint dust, complete source removal, and carry out a double- bagging procedure to remove biological and other bacterial contaminates.

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Why use Accredited CPS for forensics cleaning?

We are experts in our field and have the equipment and industry knowledge to clean your contaminated area quickly and efficiently.

Specialised Forensics Cleaning