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Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Is steam cleaning the best method?

Hot water steam extraction is still the most preferred method of effectively cleaning your carpets. However, Accredited offers all major carpet cleaning methods and will be happy to advise you.

Do you guarantee removal of all stains?

Unfortunately not because products such as bleach remove carpet dye permanently and spills not treated quickly can also become permanent stains.Off-the-supermarket-shelf products and inexperienced cleaners also cause permanent stains and irreversible damage.If we believe a stain is irreversible, we will tell you upfront.

How often should I clean my carpets?

Major carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning at least twice a year. Even carpets that look clean may harbour health hazards and dirt build-up contributes to shorter carpet life. Some carpets might benefit from more frequent cleaning (for instance, those used by young children and pets).

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

From one hour to two hours. If fast drying is your main priority, low moisture cleaning will leave your carpets dry within an hour.

Do you offer other terms of cleaning?

Yes we most definitely do offer other forms of carpet cleaning.

People say that after carpet is cleaned it re-soils very quickly?

This is only true for carpets ‘cleaned’ by those who rush in and out and do not follow professionally cleaning procedures. We use neutralising chemicals so that your carpet will be left residue free. Not only will your carpet stay cleaner, it will last longer.

Should I have a protector applied to my carpets?

Over the years we have observed that just one permanent stain is enough for most people to realise that protection would have been a good idea.

Do green, eco-friendly products actually clean well?

Our eco-friendly green products clean exceptionally well. If it is necessary to use a more powerful cleaning product, we have other exceptionally effective products that are also safe and non-toxic. (remembering that the toxins in your carpets are and have been tested to be 4 x more toxic than human waste.)

Do you move furniture?

We will move larger items that one person could be expected to move, for example: lounge suites, beds with wheels, or light furniture, tables and chairs.We will not move any loose items lying around or any heavy item, for example: fish tanks, book cases and china cabinets.

Are you licensed and insured?

Roland, the owner/operator is fully licensed under IICRC and NSW work cover. Our insurance is always up to date. This protects you and us.

Are you a certified cleaning technician?

Yes I am certified under the IICRC. This is not a common question asked but should be. Knowing that only 10% of the industry is trained, you should be asking every cleaner if they are certified. They need to provide their card on site.

What guarantee do you provide?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed – we take pride in providing a professional yet friendly service that totally meets your expectations. Call us for a free quote.

Will you be on time?

We respect that you are busy and for the first appointment of the day we will be on time. For all other appointments we will arrive within the one-hour window. However, some factors are out of our control, and we will contact you if we are running a little late.

Are you a franchise?

We are currently putting together a franchise package. Details will be on our website as soon as possible.