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Rug Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clean my rugs on site?

We can professionally clean most rugs in your home. We provide a pickup and delivery service for delicate rugs that require more specialised cleaning.How much does it cost to have my rug steam cleaned on-site?Prices vary depending on type and size, and the degree of soiling. We will give you a price on-site and only clean if you agree.

Do you offer off-site cleaning?

We offer a pickup and delivery service for your convenience.

How long does off-site cleaning take?

Cleaning occasionally may take up to two weeks, but usually much less.

How often should I have my rug cleaned?

Your rug will last longer if cleaned professionally at least twice a year depending on soil and traffic wear.

Do you charge for pickup and delivery?

Yes, the price depends on how far we have to travel. We will advise you of the price on confirmation of your booking.

Can you give me some tips on how to look after my rugs in between professional cleans?

Rotate rugs periodically so they get even wear. Vacuum rugs on a regular basis, taking care with the vacuum roller bar on certain rugs.

Do you have insurance for my rugs for the pick-up service?

Insurance covers your property when it is entrusted to us for repair, service and storage.Yes. Our nce covers your property when it is entrusted to us for repair, service and storage.

Do you guarantee removal of pet odour?

It depends on the condition of the rug and severity of the odour. We are usually able to remove all pet odours, but we do not guarantee pet odour removal.

How do you clean rugs?

We treat each rug individually, using the professional cleaning method best suited to that particular rug. We will discuss the treatment with you. On average we use a minimum of 10 steps to clean a rug.

What should I do if my rug is damaged from flood or water damage?

Call us as soon as possible. We will come and assess your rug to see if we are able to save it. Quick treatment is often the deciding factor between saving a rug and having to replace it. We will give you an immediate quote and hopefully start saving your rug. If a rug is not dried properly and completely, mould and bacteria are likely to damage it.

Can you apply rug protection?

Most certainly. We also offer carpet + fabric protection.