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Tile & Grout Sealing Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do before you arrive?

Remove as much water as possible. Take everything off carpets, including furniture, to prevent further damage. Dyes run and wet furniture will permanently stain your carpets. Place wet upholstery, cushions, etc in a safe, airy place to dry. If possible, open cabinets, room doors and windows to assist with drying. Remove all valuables and objects to a safe place.Do not use your vacuum to clean up water.

Should I check my items and appliances?

Never do this, you could electrocute yourself. Do not attempt to use ceiling fans or wet appliances. Keep out of rooms where the ceiling has water damage.Be assured that when you have made an emergency call to us, you will receive supportive and informative service from start to finish. We will work together with you and your insurance representative to ensure a speedy and complete return to normal.

Can I throw away, or have removed, things that are really damaged?

Please do not do this because your insurance company will ask us to sight the damage and take photos. You will not be covered for any items we have not sighted and photographed.

What about my electricity bill if you use drying equipment?

It is essential that the drying equipment installed is used as we direct. The longer the equipment operates the quicker the drying time.