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What is Mould?


Mould is a fungus comprised of a number of multi-cellular filaments known as hyphae. The causes of mould are high humidity, water damage, and poor ventilation in homes.

How do you get Mould?

Mould in a residential or commercial property can manifest due to a number of reasons. Some of these include water damage, inferior indoor air quality, or a contaminated or poorly maintained HVAC system.

There are certain factors that increase the likelihood of your building gathering mould. High humidity matched with substandard airflow and low light creates a habitat that mould thrives in old, damp building materials that haven’t been removed or remediated correctly, as well as contaminated contents which can contribute towards cross-contamination.

Cross-contamination is also a factor that assists the manifestation of mould into a property. Often, contents that are highly contaminated with condition three visible microbial growth are moved into a property, and the mould spores spread.

What are The Causes of Mould?

High humidity and poor air flow can lead to condensation, which indicates a need for increased air flow and better ventilation.


Common Household Mould on Timber Blinds

How to Treat and Manage Mould over time

Mould itself cannot be treated, but the indoor environment can be managed to discourage mould growth, including treating and managing environmental factors.

Actions include introducing air flow, utilising air purifiers, and regularly cleaning. Removing affected materials or contents that have condition three mould on it, and using a H1 HEPA class vacuum with clean filters and bags will also help manage the environmental factors.

Black Mould with High Severity in Apartment

Why use Accredited CPS?

The first step in choosing a company to eradicate mould is to make sure you’re engaging with a business, or professional, that has your best interests at heart. The primary goal for us at Accredited CPS is to make sure we can come on board with you and offer you the professional advice and mould restoration services you need. We are passionate about making sure our advice is paramount, then provide next steps to support you moving forward. Accredited Cleaning and Pest Solutions specialises in mould removal and remediation. For us, the money comes second. We will make sure we give you the correct professional information to help you understand what the concerns are and how we can help you move into a healthier future.
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