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Mould Removal Cost

What is the Mould Removal Process?

The first step to removing mould, whether in a commercial or residential setting, is to pre-assess the situation to make sure we understand what is affected, and what we need to do. During the pre-assessment evaluation of the affected area, we will examine and report on what needs to be removed.

After this, a containment area is set up, to ensure the affected area will not continue to spread mould. An air filtration device will then be applied to negatively or positively pressurise the room, to ensure the risk of cross- contamination is reduced. Technicians will be equipped with the appropriate gear and tools for the specific remediation job.

Once ready, they move into containment, perform the physical removal and double bagging, to ensure the mould does not spread. Then the affected materials are put into a specialised disposal waste bin.

Accredited Mould Repair Remediation Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

The next steps are the physical and HEPA filtration of any other affected areas, and HEPA filtration of any other affected materials. A chemical wash down will then be done, drying equipment will be installed and then materials will be checked to ensure they are dry, according to their benchmark levels.

A final HEPA filtration of the affected area and attaining benchmarks can take from three to nine days, depending on the size of the project, what’s affected, and what needs to be fried. Before an affected building can be reinstated to the property owner or the insurance company for builders to continue their work, a mould release encapsulation product will be applied over the framing, or the materials that were affected. This resistant coating is the last step before bringing the property back to pre-loss condition.

Accredited Mould Repair Remediation Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

How much does it cost to get Mould Removed?

Mould removal costs vary within a scale, depending on the severity of the mould problem and can be a costly exercise.
A specialist who offers holistic remediation will perform a pre-assessment, sampling, testing, physical removal, cleaning, drying and reinstating of your property back to a pre-loss condition, then sign it off.
If the job requires low-level remediation inside a property that has little cross-contamination, the costs could be relatively low.
As we progress up the severity scale, there is more time and labour required, as more travel and testing. This causes the costs to increase.

Accredited Mould Repair Remediation Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

How can mould be Managed over Time?

Providing the source of the problem mould has been resolved, you can manage mould by ensuring affected areas are regularly cleaned, wiped down, and HEPA filtered. Increasing air flow into a property is another way to manage mould over time.

By using an accredited company like Accredited CPS, you will be assured of technicians who understand how to treat mould effectively from beginning to end, and who offer support and advice throughout.

Mould removal takes time and expertise and an understanding of the property owner’s, insurance company’s, and builder’s concerns. This will ensure an effective long-term solution to eradicate mould.

Accredited Mould Repair Remediation Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Why use Accredited CPS?

The first step in choosing a company to eradicate mould is to make sure you’re engaging with a business, or professional, that has your best interests at heart. The primary goal for us at Accredited CPS is to make sure we can come on board with you and offer you the professional advice you need.

We are passionate about making sure our advice is paramount, then provide next steps to support you moving forward. Accredited Cleaning and Pest Solutions specialises in mould removal and remediation.

For us, the money comes second. We will make sure we give you the correct professional information to help you understand what the concerns are and how we can help you move into a healthier future.

Accredited Mould Repair Remediation Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW