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Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Our team of cleaning professionals are experienced with residential and commercial cleaning. You’ll be impressed with the results, our attention to detail and excellent customer service. We can deep clean carpet, tile, grout, upholstery, leather and more. Our advanced cleaning system can remove the toughest odours and stains.

A few of the benefits of professionally cleaning carpets and rugs

  • Most carpet warranties require professional cleaning every 12-18 months
  • Extend the life and plushness of your carpet
  • Improve air quality inside your home
  • DIY cleaning methods can actually make stains worse
  • Cleaning reaches into the pad where deep stains reside

Residential Carpet Cleaning And Protection

We all love the softness of carpet underfoot but hidden in those fibres are dirt, bacteria and allergens. Even daily vacuuming won’t get it all. Sand and dirt is abrasive and wears down the fibres resulting in a carpet that ages faster than it should. Professional carpet steam cleaning will extend the life of your carpet and save you money in the long run.

Accredited Residential Carpet Cleaning and Protection Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Commercial Carpet Cleaning And Protection

It’s important to maintain carpeted areas in commercial and retail locations. Professionally cleaned and protected carpets allows your building to be free of allergens and dust resulting in healthier air quality. Well maintained carpets provide a positive customer experience and enhances your image. We can help you create a maintenance plan that fits your budget and keeps your place of business looking its best.

Upholstery Cleaning And Protection

Our beautiful coastal life allows us to enjoy open windows and fresh breezes year round. With that comes dust, sand, salt and oils from your skin that can take a toll on a large investment like furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning will improve the look of your furniture, retain its original colour, add years of life, and offer a healthier environment in your home or office. At Accredited Cleaning & Pest Solutions we understand the pH, chemicals and cleaning methods best suited for even the most delicate upholstery.
Accredited Upholstery Cleaning and Protection Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Tile And Grout Cleaning

You don’t need to replace your floor to enjoy the look of brand new tile and grout again. Keep your home, office or commercial space looking its best with a professional deep cleaning and colour grout sealer. We use only cutting edge technology to restore your tile and grout back to new. High traffic areas, showers and pool areas are the hardest places to keep clean with standard methods. Our specially formulated cleaner is fast, effective and safe for all types of tiles.
Accredited Tile and Grout Cleaning Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Mattress Cleaning And Sanitisation

Mattress cleaning is one of the most important cleaning procedures in your house or hotel. Your mattress will collect bacteria, dead skin cells, dust, and mould fungi. We encourage all families with children or pets and all hotels to have their mattresses professionally cleaned and sanitised. The great benefit to you is a hygienic and healthy sleeping environment for a better night’s sleep. We will clean both your mattress and base on-site, saving you time and money.
Accredited Matress Cleaning Sanitising and Sanitisation Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Timber And Laminate Cleaning

Are your hard floors dull, slippery or have lost their natural warmth? We can bring your worn timber floors back to its original beauty. Our hard floor cleaning process will once again make your floors clean, shiny and durable. We are able to strip away the old finish using a high-speed rotary machine followed by a premium sealer to protect and enhance the charm and durability of your timber floors.

Accredited Flooring Timber Laminate Cleaning Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Pet Stains And Odour Control

Pet dander, odour and urine can be difficult if not impossible to fix with household solutions. Pet urine penetrates deep below the carpet into the padding. We have the experience and methods to solve even the toughest jobs. We encourage our customers to call us immediately. Your best line of defence is to treat the affected areas early. Before you consider replacing your flooring or furniture, give us a call.
Accredited Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains Odour Control Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Grout Colour Sealing

Stained and discoloured grout can be difficult to clean. Our professional grout sealing is an economical way to restore the look of your floors at a fraction of the price. Choose from a clear sealer to brighten your original grout and protect from future stains- or select a colour grout sealer giving you the perfect chance to update your floors.
Accredited Tile Grout Colour Sealing Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

After-builder Cleans

Let your new home or renovation shine after the work is finished. Our commercial grade cleaning equipment will remove fine dust, dirt and debris left behind. We thoroughly clean from floor to ceiling allowing you to move into a sparkling, dust free space. Leave the cleaning to us so you can unpack, relax and enjoy.
Accredited After Builder Cleans Cleaning Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Specialised Stripping And Sealing

Timber floors are one of the most expensive features of your home. They offer a high return on investment when well maintained and looking their best. Sand, sun and pets can quickly scratch and wear down the beautiful lustre of the finish. Our specialised system designed for timber will bring your floor back to its natural beauty with added protection.

Accredited Tile and Grout Cleaning Port Macquarie Wauchope Mid North Coast NSW

Leather Cleaning And Protection

Leather will outlast other materials when properly protected and maintained. Unprotected leather will absorb oils and dirt causing premature signs of aging. Our team can clean all types of leather and will help you keep your investment looking great. Notice the difference with a professional deep cleaning, leather protection and moisturises that makes your leather looking great.


Advanced Stain Removal

Prompt attention and action to stains is the best line of defence. Stains that have penetrated into the deeper layers may reappear over time. As fibre care specialists, we are well equipped and experienced to remove the majority of stains. We will always be upfront with you and give you realistic expectation.

Rug Cleaning

Freshen up your home. From high traffic mats to your delicate Oriental floor covering, we’ll come to you and safely clean and rejuvenate your rugs. You don’t need to roll up and bring your heavy rugs to us, we are equipped to do the job on the spot. Our specialised cleaning process will get your rugs looking and feeling new again.