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Water Extraction from Carpet

How does water get into my carpet?

Water can get into your carpet in many ways. Examples include burst flexi-hoses, leakage through wall cavities and leaking roofs – even by leaving your window slightly ajar during a storm.

How do I remove water from my carpet?

If you have a wet and dry vacuum, try and extract as much water as possible, but this still leaves your carpet damp.

The next step is to use towels – preferably white ones, in case colour transfers to your carpet from a coloured one and stains it.

Carpet Water Extraction

How is water in a carpet treated or removed professionally?

Water is generally extracted by a specialist in the field using a wet and dry type of vacuum or a truck-mounted machine.

We would do this using either a wand or a water claw to get the carpet nice and dry.

Why use Accredited CPS for extracting water from carpets?

We are experts in our field and have the equipment and industry knowledge to extract water from your carpet quickly and efficiently.
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