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Water Damage Cleanup

What to do if you’re in need of water damage clean-up?

If you have a burst or leaky pipe, fix the source by turning your water mains off, and then completing some form of basic clean up.

This may be mopping and making sure there’s no power or power leads exposed to the water. Turn the electrical power off, contact a restoration company and your insurance company.

Water Damage Cleanup

Whats next?

Damage clean up may be begun by removing any clothing or materials that are severely damaged.

Take photographs of where the damaged items were so that you can forward the information to your insurance and restoration companies.

Water Damage Cleanup

How do I know if my home needs water damage clean-up?

You will know if your home needs water damage clean-up if your property has suffered an ingress of water that has come through the wall cavities and onto the floors. 

Why should I call Accredited CPS?

Accredited CPS is qualified and has many years of experience.

This means we follow the full A to Z of restoring properties to a pre-loss condition.

These events are stressful and can result in a lot of pressure for the homeowner, so dealing with a professional company is imperative.

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